Chapter Fifteen - part two (1)
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The attack came suddenly.  We heard a brief shout from one of the sentries and then a scream.  The huntsmen were on us.  A few ran into our makeshift camp in the heart of the castle, shrieking and attacking the closest guardsmen with wild fury.  More poured in, they came from two maybe three sides, and above—somehow they were dropping down on us from the ceiling.  There seemed to be nearly as many of them as there were of us.  And we were tired, so very tired.

We were in what Theof had told was had been the favorite dining room of King Lludd the Ugly’s wife.  It was very long and nearly as wide.  Theof said that in his day, there had still been a table in the room, one long enough so that the Queen could not make out the face of her very homely royal...

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