Chapter Fifteen - part one (3)
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anyway that is so important that she has the rest of us here but can’t come herself?” Jalos asked.

“For the last three months she’s been cooperating with wizards from the Eastern and Southern continents to prevent the complete unraveling of the Astral Realm.”

“That’s more important than what is happening here?” asked Jalos.

“Yes.  She says that if the Astral Realm collapses the repercussions will be felt in every world, not just ours.”

Porknoy had some trouble understanding what was being discussed.  But he did catch on to a few things.

“Excuse me,” he interrupted.  “Did you say that you’re led by Theof?  Not King Theof?”

“He was a king once,” said Jalos.

“Then does that...

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