Chapter Fifteen - part one (2)
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side of the road until he was nearly past him.  The old man looked harmless, but out of place.  He stared at Porknoy.  As Porknoy gazed back, the old man inclined his head and smiled.  People generally got out of the way of large, armed forces, so why was he just there, sitting on a rock?

Porknoy rode up to the old man.  He was as unremarkable close up as from a distance.  His age was hard to determine—he seemed ancient, but his eyes seemed young.  His hair was long and white as was his beard.  He wore loose simple clothes and, except for a walking staff, carried no obvious weapons.

“Good day to you, sir,” said Porknoy.

“And to you, Lieutenant,” said the old man.  “I’ve felt some tension in the air though.  And I’v...

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