Chapter Fourteen - part two (1)
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My dreams were not quiet.  I saw our conflict laid out as if on a chess board.  Theof and Myrick were knights; Francis and Emily, my bishops; Layred Vu and Talon were the rooks, and Brin, able to go all over the board, was my queen.  My enemies were also given designations as pieces in this deadly game.  Tabor Till and Garris Stone were the knights; Ahem and Callis the bishops; it was unclear if Grimwulf was a rook or the king.

In my dream, I watched the game as it had already been played out, the feints, the discovered attacks, my decision to castle.  Each time a pawn was taken, I heard the screams of men dying.  But I felt like my opponent had mounted his best offense and I was still in the game, down material surely, but I still had enough pieces to win.

My e...

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