Chapter Thirteen - part two (3)
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where Jane used to play when she was a young girl, before we adopted her.  When she was melancholy she would come here and it would cheer her up.  It is also where we hid the entrance to our armory—our destination.”

Horace finally recovered his wits enough to verbalize.

“Brin?  How did you get here?  We have to get out; there is a dreadful beast...”

“It’s alright father,” she said.  “I saved you.  The ogre is over there.”

“Is it dead?”

“No, just sleeping.”

“What?  Let’s escape while we can.  You do know the way out, don’t you?  I seem to have gotten a little lost.  You’ll take me with you, won’t you?” A fleeting look of fear crossed h...

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