Chapter Thirteen - part one (2)
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in Goblin-tongue and Francis simply harrumphed and glowered while removing something that looked like a party popper from the folds of his cloak.  He twisted it and then threw it into the air.  It exploded in a white flash of light and paper and was accompanied with a loud BANG! that shook the room.  The goblins fell back several feet, some tripping over others in their haste.

Emily drew up to full height and said something guttural and sharp to the deflated goblin.  The goblin said something back, then turned and started walking away.

“He’s taking us to the chief,” Emily said smiling.

“Em, is that a good thing?  My potion is only good for another twenty minutes or so.  I don’t have any more with me.

“But do you have more things tha...

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