Chapter Twelve - part two (1)
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On the front line Layred Vu and Captain Talon were desperately urging the guard to hold the second ring of defense.  Layred Vu had been impressed and dismayed at how quickly Tabor Till’s army had overrun their first position.  The Gasparion had created the first cracks in the castle’s defenses.  Thankfully, those silver birds had defeated the Gasparion.  But the enemy’s precise assault on key area with catapults, trebuchet, and onagers launching a flaming payload further opened up the defenses.  By the time Tabor Till, Garris Stone, Grimwulf, or whoever was in command gave the order to advance, the castle guard were already broken and in disarray in several places.  The General Till’s men were efficient and disciplined, though they seemed not to be wholly committed to attacking the...

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