Chapter Twelve Part One (3)
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has breached our first line and the guard is having to pull back,” the sergeant said.  “You shouldn’t be out wandering.”

Horace decided to try a bluff.

“Sergeant, I am on the king’s business and cannot be hindered.  I need for you to tell me the closest way to get safely out of the castle.  That is an order,” he said. 

Horace was good at blustering about and bullying his own soldiers at home, men who listened to what he said because he paid them to do so.  This soldier, however, did not work for the earl.  Furthermore, he knew that King Dexter had not warmed to Horace and the sergeant thought it was unlikely that Dexter had entrusted any sort of mission to him.  Indeed, there had come to the sergeant’s post a...

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