Chapter Ten - part two (2)
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here nor there.  Here and now, this castle has to fight or a real usurper will sit on the throne.”

“King Dexter,” said the Duchess of Albemarle.  “My daughters and I cannot stay here in the midst of a war!  It is unheard of.”

“I will try and parley with Tabor Till to arrange for your passage out and that of the women and children as well.”

“What about me?” Earl Horace asked in a high pitched squeak.

“What about you Earl Horace?  You came here proposing I start a war with the dwarves to line your pockets.  Surely the prospect of a little fighting does not bother you,” I said.  I heard Ardbeg snicker.

“No, of course not,” he said.  “But I have a responsibility to my peopl...

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