Chapter Eight - part two (1)
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By eight o’clock I could already tell that the day would be brutally hot.  No breeze was coming off of the lake and the humidity was almost a physical thing.  There was a stand of dogwood trees higher up Mount Crowl, releasing its cottony seeds into the air in such a profusion that it appeared to be snowing.  It was lovely, but apparently dogwood makes me sneeze.

Foremost on my mind this morning was talking to Tayu.  I had to ask her about the night irises.  But first I went to the cells in the tower to check on the four officers of Bleakmoor.  One of the guardsmen informed me that Myrick was currently interrogating Captain Desrel.  I decided that I would leave and come back later.  On my way out, I was stopped by Lieutenant Ring, one of my officers, who wa...

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