Chapter Eight - part one (2)
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that will help you sleep.”

“No!  Thank you, doctor, but I feel fine.”  The last thing I wanted right then was to be in a drugged sleep with creepy Callis staring at me, especially not after the dreams that I had been having.  “Doctor, what time is it?”

“Not quite four-thirty, Sire.  As your doctor, I must insist that you lay back down.  You are pale, sweating profusely, and obviously weren’t resting well.”

“He’s right, King Dexter,” said one of the guards, a Corporal Crotts if I remembered rightly.  “You’ve been tossing and turning and talking in your sleep all night.”

“Could you make out what I was saying?”

“A lot of moaning mostly, and it sounded like you were talking about...

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