Chapter seven - part one (3)
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“Yes, your brand of hospitality is becoming apparent, my cousin.  I shall not forget it.  Whatever your...advisors...have told you is a lie.  I have done nothing.”

“Of course,” I said.

We left.  Myrick assigned a number of guards to watch Grimwulf’s door as well as his windows.  His officers were being taken to cells in Tower Imbroglio.

“Myrick, we need to find Brin,” I said.  I hoped that she was no longer mad.



I found her in the third place I looked—Francis’ tower.  I hoped that he had gotten some sleep before my petulant and still angry friend had come to visit.  It looked to me as if she had been crying behind her thick lenses.  I felt bad.  I would make it up to...

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