Chapter six - part one (2)
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I escorted the spindly physician from my room.  The poor man was a mess, he nearly dropped his pack three times exiting and his sandal caught in my rug pitching him forward.  I barely caught him in time to keep him from spilling himself all over my floor.

Once Doctor Ahem was on his way and out of sight, I let the guards know that I needed to go to Francis’ tower.  Corporal Billik insisted that I have an escort, so he and Tolly accompanied me.

As was usual, I left the guards waiting at the bottom of the tower and went up alone.  Francis was seated at a desk that had not been there during my last visit.  I knocked lightly on the cracked door and he looked up.  He smiled, but it was a sad smile.

“Dexter, come in please.  I spoke to Layred Vu...

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