Chapter five - part two (2)
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In the half hour since I had left my room, I had already cooled off considerably.  Just the act of leaving had drained much of my righteous anger.  I still needed to be alone—to think—but I no longer was entertaining thoughts of running away or even of making anyone think that I had.  I just needed to sort things out.  Hopefully, I could slip back into my room before anyone realized that I was gone.  With it being late, I should be able to be gone for hours before anyone missed me.

I made my way to the edge of the lake.  The black water gurgled gently against the shore.  Sitting on a rock, I was caught between a cacophony of bullfrogs ahead and crickets and cicadas behind.  They made a weird sort of music. Across the lake I could see a few lights fro...

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