Chapter five - part one (1)
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Chapter Five



The Unified War pitted Lorsan, Amber, and the little known island nation of Gosk, today’s Isle of Unity, against armies from twenty-five of the approximately forty remaining nations on the Western Continent.  Firmly in command of the Lorsanian-Gosk-Amberi efforts was the powerful god, called Grae’Goroth by his followers.  He was finally banished from this world by the combined efforts of a dozen heroes. 

Excerpted from J. R. Grimble’s Pozzelby:  A History



Layred Vu felt that I should get some exposure to my kingly duties, so I held court the next morning.

“We won’t be granting general audiences just yet,” Layred Vu said.  “This is just some of your castle residents with bu...

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