Chapter four - part two (3)
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asked Layred Vu.  “Do you think it might be dangerous?”

Francis stroked his beard.  “I would be hesitant to leave it.  I made a copy for study, so I think we can safely destroy it.  I have just the thing here.”

The alchemist went searching through his pockets until he found a slender, blue bottle.  He opened it and carefully poured the contents, which looked like liquid, diamond-dust, onto the lines of the diagram.  The silvery liquid quickly traced the lines and erased them as if they had never been there.  A moment later, the glittering liquid evaporated as well.

“That’s taken care of,” Layred Vu said.  “Now Francis, here is one last interesting item.  If you’ll follow me to the back of the room, you will see that Ki...

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