Chapter four - part two (2)
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“Whatever you think is necessary, General.  I have every faith in your abilities.”

“Very good, Sire.”

Moments later, Porknoy arrived with Francis, Layred Vu, and another full squad of castle guard.

“Dexter! What happened?  We feared the worst. Look at you,” Francis said.

I held up my hand.  “Before you chastise me, let’s go inside.  Leave the guards, except for Porknoy, outside though,” I said, surprising myself with how easily I had fallen into command.

I went inside of the storeroom, followed by Layred Vu, Francis, Porknoy, Tabor Till, and Brin.

“What is the girl doing?” asked General Till.

“My name is Brin!” she said, indignantly.

“Brin, perhaps it would be best if you waited outside,&...

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