28. Pilgrimage
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As they flew out, Jayne felt unsure of the real reason for their trip to Greece. Was it a mission, an escape, or a recuperation? She mentioned this to Audrey while they were boarding the plane.

"Whatever we do there depends on what this is, what this is supposed to be," she said. "Do we charge around investigating things? Will we sit around reminiscing about lost friends?"

"What does it feel like to you?" Aubrey said. 

Jayne considered for a moment. "I think that most of all it feels like a pilgrimage."

"Then it is a pilgrimage," Aubrey said.

She realised that to each one of them it represented something different. To Cade, it was an escape and even a kind of holiday. He needed a change of scenery and he needed to heal. To Au...

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