27. Travel plans
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It was a grey day with foul, drizzling rain. They were all up late, and Mrs H already had breakfast ready. Jayne tried to eat a little, out of politeness.

Cade didn't even sit at the table. Instead he went to the window seat, and sat and stared at the bleak weather outside. He didn't even speak.

Aubrey ate his toast in silence, looking thoughtfully and worriedly at him. "There's something we didn't discuss yesterday, what with the shock, but it occurs to me that we may all be at risk. I think it wise for all of us - you, me, Cade and Lucy - to avoid being alone, and particularly walking about alone." He spoke in a lowered voice, to avoid Cade's ears.

"There must be an end to this soon. Now the police finally have something to go on," Jayne said.


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