25. Worrying find
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There they were again, the three of them, sitting around Cade's flat. Lucy had stayed with Amanda's family. Jayne took the opportunity to remind Cade that Lucy knew nothing, and that he should be as circumspect as possible around her.

"It's already complicated enough. We don't need to drag anyone else into it," she said.

"We'll have to talk to the police at some point," Aubrey said. "The question is, what do we three tell them?"

"What do we really know?" Cade replied.

It had seemed like a game before, a puzzle. Now it was a mess of suspicion, confused ideas and distrust, at least in Jayne's perception.

"How on earth do we link all this to Caroline, and to the attack on Cade?" she said. "Would they even take us seriousl...

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