24. Another death
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PART III: Betrayal


It was in the dead of night that it came to Jayne. Something so obvious, so inconsistent that she was amazed that none of them had picked it up before.

She had insisted they walk back from the club. Lucas suggested a taxi, but Jayne felt reckless, free, she wanted to enjoy and extend the night. He had his arm around her as they walked back through Seven Dials towards Bloomsbury. Everything had changed, and she embraced it.

He had dropped her off at Aubrey's flat, wanting to see her safely inside, but Jayne hadn't wanted to disturb Aubrey. So he kissed her for the first time on the doorstep, and she went upstairs elated, to find Aubrey still up, enjoying a nightcap.

"My choice of stole was in order," he said, smug with...

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