23. Enchanted evening
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Lucas had invited her to dinner and insisted on picking Jayne up from Aubrey's. He was more good looking than ever in a flawlessly tailored suit that matched his dark grey eyes. Jayne felt a secret, illicit delight to be in his company and wondered if he had told Victoria that he was meeting her.

Aubrey, who had plans of his own to attend an auction that evening, offered Lucas a drink. But an early reservation had been made, so Lucas and Jayne had to leave straight away and hail a taxi.

As Jayne picked up the wrap she had intended to wear, Aubrey thrust a different one at her. It was a more showy piece of fabric that the plain black one she had chosen, in a dark amber colour with fine beadwork. "Brings out your eyes," he said under his breath. Jayne took it, telling herself she w...

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