13. A confession
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Mrs Cade went off to the hospital by herself that afternoon, and Jayne returned to Cade's flat. She was exhausted and thought she might take a nap. She didn't want to over impose on Aubrey, and besides, she was nearer Cade's place.

As she arrived at the building she was surprised to see Caroline's brother Harry just outside. She had hardly given Caroline a thought during the past 24 hours, which the sight of Harry made her feel remiss for.

Harry seemed rather disconcerted.

"Were you expecting to see Cade?" she asked. "I'm afraid he's in hospital, there's been a dreadful accident."

"What happened?" he asked.

"A hit and run it seems. He took a nasty blow and hit his head. But he's alright, he's still unconscious, but they're...

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