11. The mystery deepens
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They had breakfast together in the Villa Kallina. Lucas had gone out early for provisions. It was the first time Jayne had used the kitchen, given her constant frequenting of the bars and tavernas.

The previous night had not been awkward. Jayne had suddenly been hit by such a wave of tiredness - delayed shock, Lucas told her - that she had nearly fallen asleep in the taxi. She went to bed as soon as they arrived and slept through to morning.

In the small courtyard behind the villa they ate bread and honey, olives, and strong black coffee that Lucas brewed. It was an unusual breakfast but Jayne was ravenous. The morning sun was warm already, despite the early hour.

"I'm not sure if we should wait here to see if Yiannis has decided to help out, or just go to the police station and tr...

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