9. Smuggling & spying
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Back at the Villa Kallina, a surprise awaited her: Lucas. He had managed to fly out a day early.

It felt such a relief to see another English person. She wanted to talk nineteen to the dozen but found herself tongue-tied.

"I haven't yet checked in anywhere, I didn't want to miss you in case you were going out again," he said.

"Surely you can stay here? There are three bedrooms. It seems a waste for it to be just me," Jayne said, then felt a rush of embarrassment. Of course he would have to decline given the circumstances. She silently berated herself for having put him on the spot.

But there was no awkwardness. "I would be delighted."

Jayne helped Lucas to one of the unused rooms and left him to unpack. She went to the kitchen to fetc...

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