4. London trip
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It was glorious lunching with Cade and Aubrey, it brought her straight back to their university days. Jayne hadn't realised how much she'd missed them. She had first hoped that Lucy might join them but Cade didn't suggest it, and it was easier with just the three of them. Aubrey's eccentricity had mellowed and sat more comfortably upon him as the years had passed.

She didn't tell them anything about Lucas or Caroline. It was too complicated. And she wanted to enjoy this treat, this last bask in the past, as though the past four years had been rolled away and they had no cares except an essay deadline or cramming for an exam.

Aubrey brushed crumbs from his plum-coloured waistcoat.

"I understand that our thespian colleague is attempting to prise you from a life of spinsterhood...

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