2. The funeral
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So she would not see Caroline again. As the first earth was cast, they stood huddled together a little awkwardly a short distance from the family.

"Christ I hate funerals," Cade said. "I wish they would do private burials. It can't make it any easier for them, having us all here. They don't even know us."

Francis Cade. Now Cade Chetwynd, aspiring actor. He had taken the name from one of their professors, more for the alliteration than the tribute.

It was Cade who had rung her, soon after she had arrived home, to tell her the news. Caroline had been killed in a diving accident. No more than a day after Jayne had seen her, from what she could work out. So unexpected and so terribly sad.

They watched as dark-clad figures, blurred with grief, were led away. No...

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