Death and Human Resources
By Mark Andrew Swan

Mark Swan      9/20/22 11:47 AM

To any new Channillo reader finding Death and Human Resources for the first time, this is a wholly unfinished version of the story. You may find the complete version of DaHR for purchase on the website, I am keeping this extremely rough draft up as a tribute to the motivation that Channillo gave me to complete my first manuscript.

Mark Swan      6/25/21 9:20 PM

Hi it was a blast writing this series from start to finish. What exists on Channillo is the rough manuscript for DaHR. I will be hiring and editor and hopefully getting this in print by this year! Thanks to everyone who read!

Mark Swan      4/22/21 12:52 PM

Hi all. Chapter 21 is moving a bit slower than I'm used to, due to a couple other commitments that unfortunately have to take priority. Hopefully Chapter 21 will be posted tomorrow but it may take a few more days. Thank you for your patience.

Mark Swan      3/12/21 6:31 PM

Chapter 15 is up. I'm going to leave Chapter 15 and its prelude separate for about a week before combining them.

Mark Swan      3/11/21 9:41 PM

Hi y'all! I've posted the first half of Chapter 15 for tomorrow, with plans to give the rest before the day's end! I am ridiculously behind so I once again appreciate your patience! Btw, the next few chapters are SUPER GOOD.

Mark Swan      3/04/21 2:41 PM

Hey everyone. Chapter 14 of Death and Human Resources will be a few days late. I'm taking a much needed sobatical and I've realized I need some time to reflect on this next chapter instead of just churning it out. We are getting into the thick of the story and I want to keep the momentum on the right track for the people who are enjoying the story. Thanks for reading!

Mark Swan      2/26/21 12:59 PM

Action, drama, and betrayal on this weeks chapter of Death and Human Resources!

Mark Swan      2/18/21 6:33 PM

Chapter 12 is out tomorrow and I am pleased to say it is a really, really good one!

Mark Swan      2/03/21 8:19 PM

Hi, I condensed the Coda and Chapter 9, which were originally separate Channillo submissions, into a single selection labelled "Chapter 9." This was mostly for organization's sake. Each selection was separately qualified for its own entry but the two entries work together just fine. I hope you are enjoying the series. I intend to go through and make some corrections on formatting and for the sake of continuity. DaHR is written and edited on a week to week basis and I'm guilty of making certain mistakes that are burdened by hasty editing. Thanks!

Mark Swan      1/05/21 12:24 PM

Last night, I realized that Chapter 1 had more than a few formatting errors from when I copied the draft over into Channillo's submission form. I just went through and made edits to the formatting, as well as corrected a couple draft mistakes I missed before. If you've already Chapter 1, I suggest giving it a reread for clarity's sake. Thanks!

Mark Swan      1/01/21 5:00 PM

Thanks for your patience! DaHR is back up with chapter 6! Chapters will resume their regular Friday release schedule. Happy New Year!

Mark Swan      12/24/20 2:47 PM

Hi all! Hoping everyone is having a Happy Holidays! This week's chapter of DAHM will be delayed as I am knee deep in Christmas festivities with family. I am trying for a Saturday or Sunday release and possibly just delaying until next Friday. Thank you for your patience and understanding, Mark

Mark Swan      12/11/20 2:32 PM

Chapter 4 is up and I believe this has been my favorite chapter to write so far.

Mark Swan      11/13/20 3:56 PM

Very excited to start this series!