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As it turned out, I wasn’t fond of office work. I felt like a hypocrite, spending so many years on the field, complaining all the way. Where I was once exhausted, I was then overly-bored and mentally burdened. I knew it would do no good to moan further, nor would it help anyone for me to run away again. So I stayed where I was, I managed my team, and I inventoried the constant influx of human souls. I audited gods and spirits that didn’t keep their numbers accurate. Often, I would make day trips to Earth to train new psychopomps. Business was constant, autonomous, and terribly dull.

Michael alerted me one day that, as an officious Angel, I was privileged to weekends. Sundays were our days of rest and I was encouraged to “pick up a hobby.” I had never had fun before, sa...

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