Chapter 24 - Retirement
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Cassiel was dead, destroyed, unmade. She was found in her apartment with a flaming sword thrust through her chest. Raguel ruled the act as a murder, possibly by The Adversary, before a note was found that detailed Cassiel’s intentions. The little Angel couldn’t handle the pressure that came with ending the world. She received word that war was soon upon us and she panicked. Raguel was currently investigating how Cassiel found access to one of Heaven’s weapons.

I was beside myself. My assistant, my long-time friend, was brought to an end by her own hand. I wondered why she hadn’t contacted me before she went through with it. Perhaps I could have convinced her to stay calm. My posture must have shown my devastation, as Erata hugged me around my middle and squeezed. I felt myself shaking in her...

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Table of Contents

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