Chapter 23 - Branding and Rebranding
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I awoke in a bright room. My bones were unbroken and my skeleton was reconstructed. My robes were restored and they glowed with a muted, holy light. In my mind, a healthy blue flame blazed and churned. 

“You don’t look half bad, Azrael.” A low, musical voice called and I wheeled around to see Father sitting on a stool in the corner of the room. He looked the same as He always had, kind and shining, with a huge grin plastered across His face.

“Where are we?” I asked. I felt comforted to be in the same room as my Father, but I was guarded in my emotion. 

“Why, we’re in Heaven, of course!” Father lifted his hands into the air and gave two thumbs up. 

“It’s so bright in here.” 

“Yes, well, that happe...

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