Chapter 21 - Plan Bs and Plan Cs
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“Plague, Famine, War, and Death.” Raphael hummed to Erata as we all made our way back to the stable. “Our four departments are to meet and collaborate on the eradication of all life on Earth. The process was designed to deny The Adversary any possible power they could steal away before they began their assault on Heaven.”

Raphael, Dis, Erata, and I travelled along the Liminus. I took up the lead with Dis in tow while Erata warily walked beside the Angel of Plague. The white of unformed space was soft beneath our feet. 

“Your solution is to simply kill every living thing?” Erata was tempestuous. “Doesn’t that seem a bit cruel to you?”

“Cruelty is the reality of nature, my dear.” The weird Angel’s creepy grin f...

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