Chapter 20 - Analysis and Action Plans
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Dis and I followed the Djinn couple deep into the desert. The pair were happy to keep us as company as they rarely interacted with anyone else. I was pleased to be guided in any direction that wasn’t towards Heaven. Dis loved accompanying Tash and Rashta, and she often insisted they ride upon her back through some of the hillier dunes. The mare was apparently still upset with me as she deemed me unfit to receive any such ride.

We walked for miles during the days and stopped to camp through the cold nights. When dusk descended upon the sky, the Djinn pulled from their packs their rugs and supplies. Tash was always tasked with summoning a bonfire while Rashta did her best to shape the resting place into a cozier camp. Whenever I offered to help, either Djinn would laugh and assure me that they pr...

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