Chapter 17 - Lapses in Leadership, Changes in Workflow
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Michael lunged to apprehend Lucifer but the mad Angel had already disappeared.

For a staggered minute, no one in the conference room knew how to respond. Raphael was the first of us to falter in the stillness, their belabored breathing escalated into a torrid tempo. The Angel of Healing’s feathers ruffled around their arms as every muscle tensed from their fingers up to their neck. They took a sharp breath before releasing a horrid, piercing wail. 

My gaze moved rapidly about the hall. I watched as Raguel hastefully exited the room and I could feel a mixture of sorrow and anger burn dully in their form. Gabriel shook in her place, her eyes flooded with gobbing black tears. Uriel had moved calmly from his place to console the shrieking Raphael. Michael squatted where he had lunged, as if he w...

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