Chapter 14 - Corrective Action and Customer Turnover
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Heaven was in hysterics when Lucifer and I returned. Father was awake and pacing the Great Seeing Hall while scores of Angels scampered zealously around the lower Angelarium. Gabriel stood in one place, her face more pale than usual, and watched as Father walked worried circles. Lucifer landed at His side and I descended a few paces behind the both of them.

“No one has been checking in with The Watchers for hundreds of years.” Father said morosely. He did not turn to look our way. 

“Sariel made regular reports of his progress.” Lucifer offered calmly, “We were under the notion that The Watchers were working self-sufficiently.”

“That is one way to put it.” Father kept his gaze fixated on the little blue planet below.


Gabriel expl...

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