Chapter 13 - Death and Human Resources
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I flew as fast as my wings allowed. I practically soared through the upper Angelarium, ignoring all etiquette of Heavenly conduct. I shoved through the turnstiles and passed the Angels careless enough to be in my path. It was imperative- no, it was essential- that I spoke to another Archangel as quickly as I could. I made my turns and corners at blinding speed until I reached the room that read “Virtue and Punctuality.” When I came to the door, I smashed against it with reckless speed.

The Angel I had hoped to occupy the conference room was not there. Instead, the two lumbering forms of Uriel and Michael sat opposite from each other at the table as they surveyed competing stacks of paperwork. Neither offered as much as a glance as I broke through the door. Instead, they absentmindedly scribbled at their wor...

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