Chapter 9 - Crisis Management and Disciplinary Measures
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The entryway doors to Jupiter’s Theater led immediately into a stairway that climbed to the venue’s second story. Lamps of orange and purple flame clung to either side of the stairwell and glowed in their dull magics. As I made my slow ascension to the Theater’s main hall, each step made a strained wooden creak beneath my feet. Up ahead, the ambient darkness of the event pulsated with an occasional muted light. The muffled sounds of many differing conversations competed against the backdrop of instrumental music. When I reached the top of the stair, the room spilled into an open hall of opulent light and sound.

Strings of ghost light hung in sweeping curls that illuminated the activity below in delicate blues and whites. The Fairy Bazaar was in full swing, with entrepreneurial spirits f...

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