Chapter 8 - The Chain of Command and Cutbacks
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Heaven was already in chaos by the time Sariel and I returned to the landing of the Angelarium. Angels flew in disarrayed droves from one corner of the skyway to the other. As they flew, they bickered and yelped with their arms full of paperwork. Occasionally, a page or two would escape the grasp of a frantic flyer and tumble gently on the Heavens below. Father, Lucifer, and Raphael stood at the edge of the landing, gazing onto the anomalous events of Paradise. As Sariel and I landed beside them, the three engaded in heated discussion.

“You’re positive that no such creature was designed to engage in oral speech?” Father spoke doggedly to Raphael. His eyes darted between the nervous pink Archangel, Lucifer, and the scene below.

“I assure you,” Raphael shook their head, “th...

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