Chapter 6 - Customer Service and Support
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I arrived at Jupiter’s Theater in a plume of black fog. The venue was located at the end of a celestial roadway and was decorated from its base to its highest tower with blinking ghostlights. Dusk had only begun to set on the Liminus but the buildings that neighbored Jupiter’s had extinguished their lights for the day. A crowd of patrons had gathered and waited for the Theater to open and for the Fairy’s Bazaar to start.

Spirits of all shapes meandered about the sidewalk, sharing talk amongst themselves and otherwise waiting in patient indifference. Each of the wandering ethereal beings was dressed in elegant glamours. Djinn and Demon alike wore suits and gowns of obsidian black with jagged rubies sewn into the seams. Some were ornamented with crowns or spheres of burning flame between...

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