Chapter 3 - Objectives and Expectations
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I opened the door to my apartment in the upper Angelarium and tossed my keys onto the sofa. I undid my tie and let it hang sloppily around the collar of my neck. I plopped down on the couch in a heap that had become all-to familiar as my “Saturday collapse.” My mind was fuzzy from the week’s work and even fuzzier from my unexpected phone call. I let my thoughts fade as I contemplated how long I was allowed to be free from my responsibilities. It always felt like there was so much time until the weekend was over. Yet, the very rumination of that dwindling time cast an anxiety over me that would last until Monday morning.  

I stared absentmindedly across the room at the clean, white wall. I was never one for wall hangings or portraiture. Those sorts of eccentricities we...

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