Nightmares and Secrets (4)
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tired, I wasn’t doing anything!” “Please I don’t wanna have sex!” Mercedes pleaded. “You think I’ll fuck you!” Hakeem angrily snapped. “Ain’t no telling who you done been with.” He yanked her hair and pulled her face toward his erection. She tried to fight but the more she struggles the harder he turned her neck. Mercedes resisted for as long as she could, but her neck was so twisted that she had no choice but to give up. The fatigue from her hectic work day was catching up to her. She collapsed onto the floor in front of him. Mercedes tried to close her mind on what was about to happen. She closed her eyes and focused on Vivian Green as she ironically sang out Emotional Rollercoaster to her. Seeing he had won the battle, Hakeem grabbed her hair with bot...

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