Dark World
By Kell Frillman

Anonymous      12/30/15 3:57 AM

This series reads like a typical dystopian Hunger Games-esque implosion, but that isn't a bad thing. The author paints a picture with description and focuses appropriately on character development just as much as world building and plot escalation. A worthwhile and interesting read, my only frustration is that it seems to be not updated as frequently as it used to be and I find myself having to glance back and previous chapters in order to refresh my memory before reading a new one.

Kell Frillman      1/03/16 5:06 AM

Sorry about the updates, the last half of 2015 was really hectic and I went back and did some slight editing/adjustments to the first installment before I delved into the second, but they should be more regular (bi-weekly at the most) from now on :)