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Somehow, the plain government-issued sneakers that covered my feet were gone. I took a curious step forward and my bare sole crunched on an unfamiliar texture. The ground was cold, but not so cold that I was tempted to lift my foot. It was also soft and squishy. A strange feeling of recognition was waltzing on the edge of my mind's dance floor alongside my cohesive thoughts. Suddenly I realized what I was stepping on, snow!

“Ruby, come make a snowman with me!” Yelled a little girl’s voice at least a few feet in front of me. What was a snowman, and better yet, where had I heard that term before? I opened my eyes and looked up. Instead of a ceiling, a vast, swirling dark gray sky surrounded and covered the open earth like a soft blanket. I gasped. We made it! We were on th...

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