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“Is that guy?” I said through a forced smile. Dance music blared, Janie and I were up on stage, me on my hands and knees, in booty shorts and ass in the air; Janie had her leg wrapped around the pole, hips thrusting, and tits jiggling.

It was a good act, we did pretty well with it.

Janie twisted around, following my gaze. Fake smile still plastered across her face, she paled, but otherwise didn’t let it show.

We were all still torn up about Ruby. Bad date, my ass. She was lucky to be alive after what that bastard did to her.

‘Course, the cops didn’t listen. Just hung out at the bar, staring at tits and asses, took some notes, and drank cheap beer.

And the guy who did it wasn’t a regular; just a one off, drifting in, and n...

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