Spare Change
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“Spare change?” I held out my paper cup and smiled up at the guy; hoping buddy’d think I looked like his daughter or something.

Skinny-assed businessman ignored me.

Walking past, cell phone pressed to his ear, his gold watch peeked out from beneath his suit cuff. I nodded at Em; she was sitting on the sidewalk about half a block away.

I was already on my feet when she walked up to him, pretending to bump into the guy, then wrapped her arms around his torso, pivoting him into the alley.

Speed and surprise, that’s all we had going for us. And most of the time it worked.

By the time I turned down the alleyway, she was grinning at him, with that crazy look she gets sometimes. He stood, arms folded against his chest, “I’m sorry miss,...

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Table of Contents

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