Interview with a Boogey Man
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First off, I go by Bow-gee, not Boo-gee. Boo-gee sounds too much like boogers and dance moves, which, although I dig them both, isn’t what I’m all about.

What’s my deal then?

Scaring folks, mostly.

Sometimes I do some side jobs with property damage; you know when things fall apart for no real reason, you can thank me. I like pipes – bursting them’s fun, flooding basements and overflowing toilets are a real laugh. Maybe some electrical problems here and there, but I like the messy stuff, mostly.


It’s fun, keeps me on my toes. Pisses people off to no end. And there’s something hilarious about somebody slogging through raw sewage trying to save their precious television set. Gotta love that.

What’s the deal with you...

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Table of Contents

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