Faith in Times of Crisis and Loss (2)
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be gone, and you’d do anything to get her back.”

“Uh huh.” Old ladies regularly stopped her in the grocery store, pinched Alice’s cheek, and talked about when their kids were little. Nod and smile. They’ll move on.

The man tugged at his tie. Droplets of sweat slid down his neck. “Why don’t you take our brochure, read it for yourself. We can check back later. Chat then.”

“Sounds great.” Marlene reached for the pamphlet, and started up the steps. “If you’ll excuse me.”

The couple shuffled to the side. For an uncomfortable moment, all four of them stood on the concrete stoop, and then the lady stepped down. Marlene squeezed past. The lady raised her hand, “Goodbye, dear. Have a great day.”

“You too,&rdquo...

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