A Tale of Two Bureaucracies (2)
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Trevor tried not to gag at the taste of his coffee as he sipped it. No amount of sugar or cream would beat it into shape, but it at least neutered the flavor somewhat. As he turned to head back to his desk, he nearly tripped over a small, blonde-haired person. He let out a small noise of exclamation as he tried to keep his coffee from spilling out of his cup.

"Trevor, have you met my daughter?" a woman asked.

"Um, no Sheila, I haven't," Trevor responded dubiously, looking down at the seven-year-old girl at his feet. "Though for a second I thought we might have had another gnome infestation."

Sheila shuddered and said, "Don't remind me. Elizabeth, this is Trevor. He runs our information counter."

"Nice to meet you Elizabeth," Trevor mut...

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