Chapter Five (3)
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On a warm Saturday in March, Carlotta and Evie were lounging on the bed, Nic nestled between them, and drifting off for an afternoon nap, when the doorbell rang. Nic wailed, startled back awake.

"Why can no one read the sign that says 'we have a small baby, please don't ring the doorbell'?" Carlotta grumbled, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed.

"Go get 'em," Evie said, tiredly pumping one fist in the air as she cradled her other arm around Nic.

Carlotta's snarling, "What?" as she answered the door was audible through the open bedroom windows, as was her gasp that followed.

Evie scrambled out of bed, wrapping her arms around Nic as she went. They'd had two months of relative peace and quiet, broken only by Nic's occasional crying...

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