Chapter Five (1)
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Twenty minutes later, Regina had ushered most of her family out of the house. Carlotta had been on one phone call after another, calling in every favor she had to locate Rose and Nic. Unfortunately, as Evie and Taylor were discovering, Manuel was not good with details.

"I told you, Tia. It was big and black and shiny. It waited until Tia Rose got in, and then drove away fast."

Manuel's mother, Suzanne, was only a few years older than Evie and Carlotta. She rubbed Manuel's shoulders gently. "That's good, buddy, but you need to tell Tia Evie what the letters on the back said."

"I didn't see any letters," Manuel replied, gesturing at the windows, half-covered with condensation. "It's all fogged up and I couldn't see good."


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